Kennedy newly elected NYCOM president

Village of Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy was elected as the president of the New York State Conference of Mayors, NYCOM on May 6 at a conference in Cooperstown, NY. NYCOM is an association of cities …

Herald Neighbors

Freeport job fair welcomes potential employees

Grabbing a brochure, Susana Escobar, a DoTerra Essential Oils representative, explained how to launch a small business selling essential oil products to Baldwinite Odelcia Martinez at the annual Job …

Honoring soldiers who gave all

Thousands of Freeporters will line up Merrick Road on May 27, to watch the Memorial Day Parade, to honored Freeport’s veterans and remember those who died in service to their country. Annually, …

Freeport schools adopts $184 million dollar budget

The Freeport Board of Education adopted its 2019-20 budget on April 16. After two months of planning and twice-a-month meetings, the assistant superintendent for business, Dr. Beth Rella, presented …

Woodward’s day of celebrations in cultures

The sound of bagpipes echoed throughout the hallways of Woodward Children’s Center on Merrick Road in Freeport on April 30.


Albany must pass sex harassment bills

After the #MeToo movement exploded into the national consciousness in 2017 and 2018, New York state lawmakers recently proposed no fewer than 11 bills to strengthen the state’s sexual harassment laws.

Scott Brinton

What’s the deal with the Green New Deal?

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 29-year-old Democrat from the Bronx, is surely the most dangerous elected official now in office. You know she is because . . .

Randi Kreiss

Riding the guilt train with no way off

Once upon a generation or so ago, there were people, mostly women, who specialized in guilt. Since I would feel too guilty singling out any age group or ethnicity, let me just say that some women were born to it.

Jerry Kremer

Republicans are the party of the blame game

I’m a big believer in bipartisanship. I come from an era when Democrats and Republicans worked together successfully on a variety of important issues. As a Democrat, I remember the Republican Party as the party of Lincoln, the party of Ronald Reagan . . .