Freeport Housing Authority continues to improve


Problems that have plagued the Freeport Housing Authority for years are finally being addressed said Freeport Housing Authority Chairman Dr. Joseph Cattano and board member Doug Mayers. “In a little more than ten weeks there have been marvelous improvements and the credit goes to John Hvratin, [FHA’s Executive Director]” said Cattano.

Doug Mayers added that “95 percent of the tenants are happy. They can see that things are moving ahead.”

Some of those things include cleaning up the mold and dirt in the apartments as well as repairing plumbing. Apartment locks have been replaced and security cameras have been installed and are working at Moxey Rigby. Also, a landscaping plan is in the works. Finally, Cattano said that administration is “paying the bills and we are straightening out our relationship with HUD.”

The Freeport Housing Authority provides about 1,000 units of public housing in Freeport, including Moxey Rigby, 100 North Main Street and scattered single family homes around the village. The FHA is under the authority of HUD, with an executive director and a seven member board of directors.

As far back as 2010, FHA was suffering from crumbling infrastructure and problems with administration. When Mayor Kennedy came into office he began working with HUD to remedy these problems. In March of this year four new board members were appointed and John Hvratin was hired as the new executive director.

“The Mayor is working with the commissioners and things are shaping up,” said Mayers. “People should live in a good and respectful place. That is a priority. I am happy that changes are coming about.”