How much state aid goes to Glen Cove


Glen Cove schools will reap the rewards of a nearly $1 billion increase to school aid seen in the final 2018-19 New York state budget.

The Glen Cove School District will see their state aid increase by 8.2 percent, or almost $971,000 more than what they received for the 2017-18 school year, according to state budget documents. Without money that is specifically given for building aid — money that directly helps school districts pay for new buildings or updating or expanding existing buildings — Glen Cove will receive a 7.2 percent, or $831,000 increase in their 2018-19 state aid package.

The state will give Glen Cove 25 percent — or just over $43,000 — more toward the Universal Pre-K program, representing the largest percentage increase over last year.

Another sizable contribution will be the $30,000 for “hardware and technology,” a 23 percent increase from last year which could help the district pay for security improvements like security cameras and other school safety measures which have been recently discussed.

The state’s numbers are estimates, which may be slightly higher or lower when individual districts’ budgets are finalized.

After a deal reached between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislators late on March 30, schools statewide were set to receive $26.7 billion in education aid for the 2018-19 academic year.

Nassau County schools will receive $1.2 billion in state aid, including building aid — or $51.3 million more than the prior year — according to state budget documents.