CRZ committee completed

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Scharfberg, a retired NYPD detective, is a former chief of the Oceanside Fire Department and the newest member of the board of Sanitary District 7. Hargrove is an Island Park school board trustee and its director of community services. Scully is a real estate agent and the vice president of the Island Park Chamber of Commerce.

According to guidelines promulgated by the state, each local committee will have nine to 15 members — experts in planning, zoning, economic development, transportation or public works; members of commercial, environmental, housing and human services organizations; representatives of vulnerable populations and emergency management personnel. They will not be paid, and will have to follow a detailed code of ethics, the guidelines say.

Through the CRZ planning process, communities will asses their vulnerabilities, identify where funds should be spent to address those vulnerabilities and then develop projects that will increase their resiliency while also protecting vulnerable populations and promoting sound economic development. The process calls for local CRZ committees to decide how to spend federal money on recovery and to ensure that the next storm will not wreak such havoc. The committee representing the four local communities has been allocated up to $25 million, and members will work with experts provided by the state on a spending plan.

There is some indication that the committee’s next meeting will be held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Oceanside on Oct. 9, but there had been no official announcement of the meeting at press time. When the schedule of meeting dates is made official, they will be listed on the Herald’s Community Update page.

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