Island Park arrest leads to sexual abuse lawsuit

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The department’s failure to take action against the two officers is the basis for a portion of the lawsuit. “Such reckless disregard for and deliberate indifference to their own internal policing and monitoring,” it states, “was an undeniable and clear indication that constitutional deprivations would result from the policy and practice of failing to properly conduct internal investigations and allowing for investigations to be terminated as ‘undetermined’ where there are allegations of criminal conduct perpetrated by subordinate officers.”

The 10-page suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Islip on Oct. 10, seeks $150,000 in damages for excessive force as well as violations of Hannigan’s Fourth and 14th Amendment rights. In addition, Hannigan had demanded a jury trial.

“It’s criminal conduct, and yet these officers are not being brought up on charges,” her attorney, Amy Marion, said at the news conference.

The NCPD spokesman declined to comment.

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