Island Park guidance counselor awarded tenure


Andrea Porzelt, a guidance counselor at Lincoln Orens Middle School, was granted tenure at a recent Board of Education meeting following a recommendation from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino. The Board of Education’s decision to grant tenure was unanimous.

“Mrs. Porzelt has worked diligently during these past three years in the preparation and delivery of our guidance program,” said Bovino. “She actively reaches out to students and parents with a reassuring and gentle manner. However, once in the company of Mrs. Porzelt, students and parents realized immediately she is a force to be reckoned with, as she is knowledgeable, resourceful and, most important, relentless in clarifying information and rectifying situations. She is the consummate professional, and I am proud to call her a colleague.”

In the Island Park School District, tenure is a distinction earned by a teacher who demonstrates considerable skill and a meaningful, positive impact on student learning. The review process for tenure is a rigorous and extensive one that thoroughly evaluates teacher performance over a three-year period. In addition to undergoing several evaluations, a candidate must submit a battery of supporting materials documenting performance and skill mastery. This information is then evaluated by a committee consisting of the superintendent of schools, fellow teachers and administrators and the Island Park Board of Education.