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Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about Bultman, a member of the inner circle of Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock and a close associate of Motherwell and Hofmann, at a talk, “The Last Irascible,” with noted art writer Charles A. Riley II, on May 5. Also, Kenneth Wayne, the former curator of Huntington’s Heckscher Museum, discusses Stan Brodsky, on April 27. In addition, three Brown Bag lectures are offered – April 11, May 9 and June 6 – in which museum docent Riva Ettus gives a talk on the exhibit, followed by a public tour.

Fifty works commemorate Hofstra University Museum’s 50 years
The Hofstra University Museum continues its golden anniversary celebration with “50/50: Celebrating Fifty Years of the Hofstra University Museum,” currently on view through the end of the month. This exhibit highlights the development of Hofstra University’s art collection, displaying 50 works of the 605 acquisitions donated to Hofstra since 2006. Paintings, prints, photographs and drawings by 20th and 21st century American, Latino, and European artists demonstrate the breadth and depth of the university’s holdings, along with Pre-Columbian figures and vessels as well as early to mid-20th century African masks.
The artists represented include Luis Cruz Azaceta, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Stanley Brodsky, Lucien Clergue, Yonia Fain, April Gornick, Robert Kipniss, Howardena Pindell, Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Resnick, Alison Saar, W. Eugene Smith and Stanley Twardowicz, among others.
“The 50th anniversary provides a meaningful opportunity to showcase a portion of the dynamic works of art that have been gifted to the Museum since 2006,” Executive Director Beth Levinthal said. “Each work has helped refine and reshape the Museum’s exhibition opportunities and educational outreach.”
The museum, which opened in 1963 as the Emily Lowe Gallery, through a grant from the Joseph and Emily Lowe Foundation, now also includes two additional exhibition areas in the Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library.
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