Mangano creates Economic Recovery Task Force


Acknowledging that Hurricane Sandy’s multibillion dollar economic toll will hamper every facet of recovery while harming the fiscal stability of the region, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced on Nov. 5 the creation of the Nassau County Economic Recovery Task Force comprised of leaders in business, health, banking, retail, technology, infrastructure and education.

“There are now two eras in the history of our county; pre- Hurricane Sandy and post-Hurricane Sandy,” Mangano said. “The storm did more than alter lives, take homes and destroy entire sections of our south shore. It has created a gaping wound in our economy that, if left ignored, will leave a far more permanent and destructive scar on our communities than gas lines and week-long power outages. This task force is a reflection of the simple fact that we need to start our economic recovery today if we expect to protect the quality of life of every county citizen in the months to come.

“I can’t conceive of ever saying again, `it’s business as usual,’” Mangano continued. This task force reflects the start of a clean sheet of paper towards the creation of a strategy that helps our business community recover. Every idea, every concept and every proposal offered by this group will be promptly reviewed and considered for implementation; red tape will be dismissed out of hand. Partisanship will have no place at the table. If there were prior disagreements on policy it doesn’t matter anymore. We want results, investment, the restoration of confidence in our future and a return to economic activity that protects the region.

In announcing the effort, the County Executive welcomed the assistance of New York’s Empire State Development Corporation and the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council.

“We will welcome federal and state assistance but Nassau County also has an obligation to streamline its government processes to ensure that businesses get what they need when they need it,” said Mangano. “We are racing the clock and every member of this Administration has been put on notice that after the lights come back the daunting job of restarting our economy begins.”

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