New 5-phase approach

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Phase 4, “The Nutritional Phase,” also lasts four to six weeks. The ultimate goal of the entire program is to live life without dieting or gaining back the weight lost in the initial phases of the program. In Phase 4, patients are educated to understand proper nutritional care. The types (of foods chosen), the portions consumed, the method of preparation used and the schedule of eating are key elements to every nutrition plan. How these unique elements affect each individual differs from patient to patient. Phase 4 is designed to educate each patient with how these elements affect them personally, so a proper life-long and sustainable plan can be introduced.

Phase 5, “The Maintenance Phase,” consists of six visits over 52 weeks. The greatest risk of putting back weight occurs in that first year, and the staff helps to avoid this from happening. Patients are not abandoned after they lose their weight. Continuous visits, where adjustments are made if needed, greatly reduce the patients’ chances of gaining weight. Throughout the process, consideration is given to the individual’s physiological needs (medical conditions that contribute to weight gain), psychological issues (such as emotional eating or binging), and nutritional understanding.

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