They just don't make fathers like they used to

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Think of the daunting role models they had among the cultural icons: Father Time, Father Christmas, even Our Father, who art in heaven. Big shoes to fill.

While sending this shout-out to my son and son-in-law, I acknowledge that many fathers have not moved into the 21st century. There are plenty of young men who still consider babies “women’s work.” They think it’s kinda cute to claim they never changed a diaper. And, as part of that mindset, many are the solo earners in the family. Their wives don’t work, and the men like it that way, although it means, as in the old days, that they shoulder all the financial burden.

Today’s dads offer more help, and they get more help. What my son and son-in-law get in return for their enlightened fathering are wives who are partners in supporting the family, financially and emotionally. The women work full time, do child care and bring home the bacon. The men do child care, bring home the bacon — and nowadays they often cook it, too.

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