Island Park's Island Collectibles seeks to become a community staple


Whether you’re seeking a gift for that kaiju fan you know, building an action figure collection, or just looking to indulge that inner nerd, look no further than one of Island Park’s newest additions: Island Collectibles.

Since its opening in September, the action figure, model, comic book and superhero memorabilia shop has gained a steady following, according to owner Jason Sidelman. “The town’s been great,” he said. “It really has.”

Social media has helped get the word out, he noted, but he has also been responding to customers’ requests for new items. His shop, for example, did not originally stock comic books.

“We’re always evolving,” Sidelman said.

“We listen to customers and get what they want,” shop worker Coty Lobel explained.

The idea, according to Sidelman, is to become a community staple. Sidelman has donated pounds of legos to the Island Park Library’s Lego club, and also supports its Pokemon club.

“He’s a great guy,” Library trustee Joe Pontecorvo said of Sidelman.

And children receive a goodie bag when they walk through the door, regardless of whether they make a purchase.

“We don’t just want to gain a customer,” Sidelman said. “We want to gain a friend.”

The shop deals in both modern and classic memorabilia. “We have a little bit of old school, and a little bit of new school,” he explained, adding “If you like Megaman, we have it. If you like Stranger Things, we have it.”

Sidelman said he strives to keep his prices reasonable, a challenge in today’s collectors market. Classic items and comics can be had for as low as $2 to $5, and there is a wide range to choose from.

Space, though, is limited. The small shop is crammed wall-to-wall with colorful boxes, bags and display cases, but Sidelman said anyone can request an item if they don’t have it.

So this season, look for the superhero mural, painted by Long Island native artist Sean Carlson, tucked away on Saratoga Boulevard. There you might find that squishy toy for your child, the latest Punisher action figure for a friend or a limited edition Batmobile for yourself. Either way, Island Collectibles has you covered.