Spending Prime Time with parents at Hegarty


Televisions, cell phones and video games —it sometimes seems as if electronic tools and gadgets have taken control of our lives. How did we ever exist without these luxuries? At the Francis X. Hegarty School on March 27, third and fourth graders and their adult sponsors asked themselves just that question, turning back the clock for one evening to enjoy time away from their televisions at the school’s Prime event, designed to instill a love of reading in a new generation. Throughout the evening, participants engaged in reading and a number other interactive activities.

The event began with students and their sponsoring adults spending some quiet time together, reading to one another. Later, they enjoyed several hands-on workshops in which they learned origami, calligraphy, Tae Kwan Do, bingo, Navajo sand painting, Wii dancing, card-making, physical activities and felt bookmark crafts. Teachers, parents and community members led the workshops, and the participating families had a great time.