C-Town sold after Hurricane Sandy

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“When we closed, they were basically all out of work,” Koff said. ”We carried the health insurance for a few. My lead people have been in touch with [Hassin], and when the interviewing process starts, they’re welcome to apply.”

Koff declined to discuss how much the business was sold for, but said that it was his goal to make sure that the space reopened as a supermarket.

“I’m sorry that I’m going out this way, but I’m pleased that I made sure that it will remain a supermarket,” said Koff, who added that he’s planning to work as an assistant golf coach with his son, a golf pro at Eisenhower Park. “When this all happened, a lot of options were on the table, but we only entertained those who said they would keep it a supermarket. [Hassin] knows it’s a great location, and he’s in it for the long haul.”

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