Get ready for Restaurant Week

Long Beach Chamber event runs Oct. 11-27


The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce’s “largest Restaurant Week ever” is returning to the Long Beach, Point Lookout and Island Park communities.

The event runs from Friday, Oct. 11, to Sunday, Oct. 27 — two weeks and three weekends of $19.99 or under prix fixed menus at 28 restaurants in Long Beach, Point Lookout and Island Park.

“Attendees are invited to come and get a taste of the dazzling array of restaurants, shopping attractions, the new boardwalk and beach, as well as the great resort atmosphere of Long Island’s famed city by the sea,” the chamber said in a press release. “Whether patrons are first timers or frequent visitors to the area, there is certain to be a place that will please the palate — and wallet.”

Restaurant Week features an eclectic array of eateries ranging from American to Asian, Latin to Italian, and European to Mediterranean fare. In terms of ambiance, the eateries vary from fine-dining establishments to bars and grills, nightlife spots teeming with entertainment and family-friendly atmospheres. For more information, visit or call (516) 432-6000.

Participating restaurants:

Long Beach:

Lola’s Kitchen and Wine Bar, 180 W. Park Ave., 442-1090

Sugo Café, 62 W. Park Ave., 431-7846

The Beach House, 906 W. Beech St., 208-8733

Cha-Ba-Thai, 12 W. Park Ave., 897-2888

Long Beach Hotel, 405 E. Broadway, 544-4444

Geri’s, 631 E. Park Ave., 897-3600

Nagahama, 169 E. Park Ave., 432-6446

Duke Falcon’s, 36 W. Park Ave., 897-7000

Speakeasy, 1032 W. Beech St., 889-3279

Gino’s Pizzeria Restaurant, 16 W. Park Ave., 432-8193

The Cabana, 1034 W. Beech St., 889-1345

Serata South, 777 W. Beech St., 670-8300

The Saloon, 1016 W. Beech St., 432-9185

Lido Kosher Deli, 641 E. Park Ave., 431-4411

Villaggio, 157 E. Park Ave., 897-1886

Jetty Bar & Grill, 832 W. Beech St., 442-1388

Whales Tale, 916 W. Beech St., 432-9587

The Inn, 943 W. Beech St., 432-9220

Don Juan, 124 E. Park Ave., 442-4944

Minnesota’s Grill & Bar, 959 W. Beech St., 432-4080

Paninis and Bikinis, 896 W. Beech St., 432-2244

Point Lookout:

Fisherman’s Catch, 111 Bayside Dr., 670-9717

Olive Oil’s, 28 Lido Blvd., Point Lookout, 432-0000

Point Lockout Clam Bar, 99 Bayside Dr., 897-4024

Island Park:

La Rioja, 4409 Austin Blvd., 432-9205

Jordan’s Lobster, 1 Pettit Place Island Park, 889-3314

Da Vinci’s Restaurant and Lounge, 118 Long Beach Rd., 889-3939

Shogun, 4556 Austin Blvd., 889-8865

Sponsored by Sustainable Long Island’s Business Support Center at the West End Library, visit or