‘Hang on, it’s gonna get better'

Student makes music video to help Sandy victims


Eleven-year-old Jessica Faith Yoo has a message she wants to share with Long Beach.

“There is always a bright side to every situation,” said Yoo. “Sometimes things might seem like they will never get better, but if you just have faith and give it some time, things always do get better.”

In July, Yoo, an aspiring singer, released a music video for a song called “Hang On,” meant to encourage the victims of Hurricane Sandy to stay strong during these tough times.

The song, composed by Fabian Reyes, who is featured in the video, was originally intended for Yoo’s band teacher at Stratford School in Garden City, Karyn Glickman, who had been suffering from serious injuries due to a car accident. Moved to tears by the song and its message of strong will, Yoo recorded a cover of “Hang On” with the same intentions to motivate the Long Beach community.

With the help of her filmmaker uncle, Brian Thomson, they released a music video for the song. The video, posted on YouTube, includes scenes with the aspiring singer walking under the destroyed boardwalk and through a gutted home.

The end of the video reminds viewers that Long Beach is still rebuilding, and invites viewers to support Project Pay It Forward, a local organization that raises funds and gathers volunteers to help rebuild local businesses.

“This past year, Jessie was deeply moved by the events of Hurricane Sandy,” Project Pay It Forward said on their Facebook page. “As a member of the Garden City Community Church, she was directly involved in family relief efforts at the Ice Arena directly following the storm. Jessie came up with the idea to use the song as a fundraiser for the people of Long Beach.”