L.B. residents grow frustrated with LIPA, garbage

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“500 block of West Fulton ... the sewer backed up into the house because the sewer system broke again, and still no garbage pick up,” Collyn Possidel said on Thursday. “LIPA has not been around. But we did get mail today!”

“I live on Neptune and East Park Avenue and garbage has never been picked up - spoiled food in black bags starting to stink,” Laura Bryan posted on Facebook on Thursday. “Still no power ...”

“Thank you National Grid HomeServe for wasting another seven hours of my time, bringing the running total to 14 hours waiting for boiler repair,” resident Neil Vogel said Friday on Facebook. “Not the courtesy of a single phone call, but rather telling me that they should not have scheduled an appointment for Long Beach because repair crews are not allowed in. Kind of strange since my street was filled with repair trucks. I am also tired of hearing from the customer service people that they understand my frustration - nonsense!”

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