LBMC officials work to reopen

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“When Komanoff opened, we took back 175 employees, and we now have 200 back because it has gotten busier,” Player said. “We still have arrangements with different hospitals. [Fifty employees] are working at Nassau University Medical Center and Brookhaven [Memorial Hospital], and they remain on our payroll.” She added that getting employees back to work is a main priority.

“We’re going to come back stronger, smarter and safer,” she said. “It’s so important for the hospital to be here, to not only provide health care to all the residents in surrounding communities, but for the economy as well.”

Marnie Greenfield, a 23-year employee who was displaced after the storm, is looking forward to returning to work. “If I was back at work, I’d feel better about circumstances — I wouldn’t be as nervous about work progressing on my house or paying my mortgage,” she said. “I know the boardwalk is really important for the community, but I don’t think the community really realizes how important it is to have hospital services back up.”

Alexandra Spychalsky contributed to this story.

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