Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

Sept. 20-26, 2012


Missing Dr. B., but we’re in good hands with Burak

To the Editor:

Almost a month has gone by since the Lynbrook community suddenly lost one of the staunchest advocates for our children, Dr. Santo Barbarino.

Serving more than three decades with the Lynbrook schools — the past four as superintendent — Dr. B. personified what a caring education professional should be. He often put the needs of others ahead of his own.

Dr. Barbarino was a fixture at practically every school event. His smile, as well as his love for our families and children, grew wider each day he was on the job — one that he loved so much.

The Barbarino family’s loss is our community’s loss. Dr. B. was not only a model administrator but also a stellar professional who always strove to provide the best educational opportunities for our children and community. While I am proud that I was able to work with him when I served a Lynbrook’s mayor, I’m also gratified that Dr. B was supportive of my efforts in Albany on behalf of the working families and seniors of our community.

We always worked extremely well together, with a common goal of providing the schoolchildren of Lynbrook the best possible education. He will be sorely missed.

While Acting Superintendent Melissa Burak has some big shoes to fill, I know the Lynbrook School District, taxpayers and, most important of all, our children are in great hands.

Brian Curran

Assemblyman, 14th district

Baseball — who knew?

To the Editor:

Randi Kreiss’s “Play ball! But first read ‘The Art of Fielding’” in last week’s issue has made me totally rethink my feelings about America’s number one game, baseball. Her writing was eloquent and the quotes she chose were pure poetry.

After reading her story, I’m excited to read “The Art of Fielding.” With a baseball team named the Harpooners, and the comparisons to one of American literature’s most important books, “Moby-Dick,” I can’t wait!

Nancy Friedman