Rockville Centre Letters to the Editor


Thank you, village employees

To the Editor:

I placed a call to the Department of Public Works  about 12:54 p.m. on July 3 to report an unsafe condition due to some fencing that fell onto the sidewalk on a nearby street. It would force people riding bicycles, jogging or walking to go into the street. My concern was that children would need to go into the street — not a safe thing to do.

The gentleman who answered the telephone was extremely courteous, and he advised me he would report it to the proper authorities and have it corrected. I took a walk less than two hours later, and noticed that the fallen fence already had been repaired. Sometimes residents are quick to complain; I just wanted to be quick to thank the village employees. The day before the Fourth of July holiday and the issue was corrected promptly. Thank you.

George K. Lavas

Rockville Centre

A giving village

To the Editor:

I am currently a Life Scout in Troop 214 in Rockville Centre. I am working toward my Eagle Scout rank and have recently completed my Eagle Project. This project entailed soliciting donations of non-perishable food items for the Saint Agnes Food Pantry run by Sister Kathleen Murphy, O.P.

While I have long known that I live in a very giving community, I must admit that I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my neighbors. I would like to thank everyone who graciously donated food. More than 1,150 pounds of food were collected and donated to the Saint Agnes Parish Food Pantry. This food will provide much-needed meals for the many needy families in our village who might otherwise have to go without.

One of the 12 points of the Scout Law is that a Scout is helpful. I am glad to know the same holds true for my neighbors. Once again, I extend a heartfelt thank you to all who donated.

Robert Hitscherich

Rockville Centre

Parking fees make no sense

To the Editor:

Rockville Centre has decided to change the parking meters in town from 25 cents for 25 minutes to 25 cents for 20 minutes. This makes no sense, because many people presume that the 25 cents per 25 minutes is still in effect.

Everyone understands that the village needs to raise money, but it’s wrong to do so by charging parking rates that make no sense other than to try and put something over on the paying public.

Here’s a suggestion: make every meter a minimum of 30 minutes and charge either 25, 35 or 50 cents for 30 minutes and stop this “part of an hour” fee which most people coming into town are not aware of. Not only is there insufficient parking in the village for people who want to shop, eat and go to the movies, now the parking rates are deceptive too!

Bob Wolf

Rockville Centre