School officials update post-Sandy building repairs

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Lindell only flooded in the lower level and auditorium, and was one of the three buildings that were able to open first, on Nov. 13. No storm-related structural work was needed, but mechanical systems were replaced and new boilers were raised as a mitigation effort. Affected furniture and equipment was replaced, crawl spaces were abated and the playground surface was replaced.

Estimated repair costs: $977,925

East Elementary:

East School was also one of the buildings that avoided major devastation and was able to reopen two weeks after the storm. The gym floor was the only area that suffered serious flooding, and it has been replaced. The boiler also needed to be replaced due to flooding, and a higher-elevated classroom space was repurposed as the new boiler room. Crawl spaces were abated, new mechanical systems were installed, and the playground surface was also replaced.

Estimated repair costs: $2 million

Blackheath pre-K:

The Blackheath building is beyond repair, school officials said, and will most likely be condemned. Pre-K classes resumed on Nov. 28 at Lindell but were moved to East School on Jan. 14, where they will remain for the remainder of the school year. Luckily, the pre-K was already set to move to the Lido Complex next year, as part of district-wide preservation plan.

Administration building:

The administration building is also beyond repair, and will most likely be condemned. For now, administrators are spread through the district wherever there is space, but many are working out of the Lido Complex. The district is still unsure of where the administrators will be placed next school year.

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