Letter to the Editor

Shocked by pro-Cruz letter


To the Editor:

In response to the letter from Donald Walsh of Franklin Square (“Senator Cruz is a hero, Al,” Oct. 24-30), as an American, I cherish our democracy and rights of all to hold and express our individual views, but I am frankly shocked that the Herald would print the dangerous, inflammatory rants of Donald Walsh, including his mis-characterization of President Obama as a “Muslim Marxist.”

I fear Walsh represents a frightening group of extremists whose emergence is on the increase since the 2008 election. The ultra-right-wing political views they express are merely a mask for their bigotry and hatred, and  their disgust that their president is not like them. “Leaders” such as Ted Cruz, who abuse their public service trying to derail the administration, are unfortunately giving the Donald Walshes of our nation a malignant voice.

Karen Zang

Valley Stream