Stack joins Volcom surfing team

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“I was so happy,” said Stack. “I love the people and the brand. They are a tight group of people, almost like a family.”

Stack departed to Mexico in May for his first trip with Volcom. He said the company is filming a surfing movie this year and that he is focused on being a part of it. He also expressed relief that he will not be obligated to compete as much as he did with Quiksilver.

“Contests are fun, but they aren’t my main focus,” Stack said. “I love getting good waves more than anything, and that doesn’t usually happen with contests.”

Dave Juan, owner of Unsound Surf and a friend and mentor to Stack, said he was happy to see Stack land on Volcom’s team. Juan said he was just as surprised when Stack was cut from Quiksilver, but said that he and others at Unsound have always tried to keep him grounded and prepared for the worst.

“It didn’t crush him,” said Juan. “We’ve been telling him for years…a career in surfing [isn’t guaranteed]. You get hurt and it’s over. You need school for a good backup.”

The event this Sunday is part of Volcom’s “Embrace the Strange” East Coast tour. The team has been on a road trip and hitting surf shops all along the coast, starting in Florida on June 1 and heading all the way up to Maine. Juan said he is excited to have Stack back in the shop.

“His first sponsor was the shop so it’s kind of like a ‘welcome to the team’ party for him as well,” said Juan.

From 3 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, the team will be at Unsound signing posters and giving away Volcom gear. And at 6 p.m., the band Dirty Fences will perform. But it won’t be all business — Juan said that these guys intend to hit the beach.

“They scheduled it at 3 [p.m.] so they don’t have to worry about missing waves,” said Juan. “If there are waves, they’ll surf all day.”

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