Still 'Wild About Harry'

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Chapin’s concern for others, which is evident in both his songwriting and philanthropic efforts, is the focus of Markus’ commitment to reinvigorating Chapin’s humanitarian mission.
“Harry Chapin was a great example of someone who took his fame and fortune and put it into serving the greater good,” Markus said. “This concert is so special. It’s a chance for so many really good local musicians to honor a great musician who was such a good person. There is a real sense of community among the musicians and a sense of appreciation among the audience.”
Markus is supported by the many area musicians who join him in this concert yearly, including his trio, Gathering Time, which features Hillary Foxsong and Gerry McKeveny. Scheduled to appear with Gathering Time are Josh Joffen, Debra Lynne, MediaCrime, Christine Solimeno, Frank Walker, Folk Goddesses, Cecilia Kirtland, Kendall & Korb, Wonderous Stories, Russ Seeger, Grand Folk Railroad, Rorie Kelly, Katie Pearlman, and youthful alt-rockers Jackknife Stiletto. New to the show this year will be singer-songwriter Sid Cherry.
“There’s so much musical talent on Long Island,” Markus said. “Once again we have a chance to rotate in some new or returning players and some songs that haven’t been heard before.”
Markus and his fellow musicians continue to embrace Chapin’s lyrics and melodies. “The opportunity to hear his music played live still means a lot,” he said.
The audience will hear 18 of Chapin’s songs — a mix of the classics, “Cat’s In the Cradle” and “Taxi,” and fan favorites like “Shooting Star,” “Mr. Tanner” and “Jubilation.
Along with the big hits, Markus likes to showcase some of Chapin’s lesser-known songs. This year’s slate includes “When I Look Up,” “Dreams Go By,” “Dancing Boy, “Mail Order Annie,” and “Old College Avenue.”
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