The mustache diaries — chronicling a great cause in Long Beach

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Also often overlooked is the financial security families enjoy, solely contingent upon the health of both parents and children. Moreover, most Americans are one terrible illness away from total financial ruin, but would gladly trade all their worldly possessions for the health of their children.

Those of us who have joined Mustaches For Kids believe that no parent should ever have to choose between medical bills for one child or groceries for the rest of the family. We grow our mustaches to raise money so that families coping with the devastation of cancer do not simultaneously have to confront loosing their homes. Specifically, we help support the families of children facing financial destitution due to the catastrophic cost of cancer treatment.

We grow mustaches to raise money, and we need the support of the community. Most ’stache growers are local, and you likely know one of us. Each participant also has a donation page online, or you can donate directly (however, I do not recommend randomly handing fistfuls of cash to anonymous mustachioed Americans). If not, visit us online at

We’ll be holding a Mustache Family Day at Swingbelly’s this Saturday, from 2 to 6 p.m. There will be live entertainment, a clown to paint mustaches on the kids, and some silly mustache inspired arts and crafts. We’d love everyone to join us.

So this mustache season, please point and laugh, we don’t mind. But feel free to click and give as well, we appreciate it.

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