West End burglar facing 25 years to life

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Also on Sept. 22, 2010, Moss broke into a Kentucky Street home and stole multiple pieces of jewelry, including a college ring and a college national championship ring. Moss then sold the rings, which had the victim’s name engraved on them, to a Brooklyn pawnshop. The New York Police Department, which conducts routine checks of pawnshops, became suspicious when they saw the collegiate rings at the Brooklyn shop two weeks later and contacted the college, which in turn reached out to the victim. The victim then contacted the Long Beach Police Department.

DNA evidence taken off the cigarette butt and sock from the first burglary, and from a collared shirt left behind at the scene of the second burglary, matched Moss’s sample in the statewide DNA database. Rice said that the set of keys left behind matched the address listed as Moss’s Indiana Avenue home.

The jury acquitted Moss of one count of second-degree burglary. Rice said that due to his status as a “mandatory, violent predicate offender” with multiple previous burglary convictions — and a prior robbery conviction — Moss faces up to 25 years to life in prison at his May 1 sentencing.

“This defendant’s inability to live within the confines of the law made this conviction inevitable, and his criminal history guarantees that he will spend decades behind bars,” Rice said.

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Contreras of the DA’s County Court Trial Bureau is prosecuting the case. Moss is represented by Jeffrey Groder, Esq.

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