Stepping Out

Spring pleasures around Long Island

Welcoming the first signs of the season


Baseball season has arrived and the warmer weather is soon to follow (or so we hope). It’s the time to venture outside and enjoy these early days of spring. Here are some ideas to welcome the season – and Earth month – now that some of the region’s favorite spots have re-opened.

Old Westbury Gardens
Spring is in the air at Old Westbury Gardens, which is open weekends throughout April. The renowned 200-acre estate – the former home of John S. Phipps and his family – embarks on another season ready to delight visitors with its glorious gardens and a busy schedule of programs and activities.
The first signs of the season are beginning to appear. “We are really looking forward to this season,” said Old Westbury Gardens spokesman Vincent Kish. “Given that in the last few months, we’ve experienced one of the most ‘unseasonal’ off-seasons on record, not to mention a horrific hurricane followed by a series of snow storms, it’s great that spring is not only in the air, but that it has, finally, fully arrived. The down trees (hundreds of them in our case) and giant piles of sawdust are long gone.Visitors are primed and ready to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather.”
However, despite our spring fever, Kish warns not to expect an array of colorful flowers just yet. “Because of the horrible weather, blooming times have been delayed for about 10 days or so,” he said, “but before you know it we’ll see wildflowers, tulips and other blooms.
Kish encourages visitors not wait until summer to explore the Gardens, noting that the late April to early June period has much to offer. “It’s especially beautiful in mid to late spring when there are so many things blooming,” he said.

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