Stephen Marro is ready for his close-up

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After its Malverne run, “Broadway’s Finest” travels west to Phoenix, Ariz. for another theatrical release. “Hopefully the movie will do well,” he said. “We want as many people as possible to see it. It’s so hard to make a movie people want to see, and hard to make a good movie. It’s played in front of a variety of different types of audiences and we aim to keep building on that momentum.”
Especially here on Long Island. “I’m so proud that the film has an exclusive run in Malverne,” Marro said. “I want to thank everyone on Long Island who helped make this movie and all the folks who came to its screening at the Long Island International Film Expo. I greatly appreciate them coming and showing support for a hometown director. When I looked at the audience at the Film Expo, it seemed like a class photograph of my entire life. The response was unbelievable. It really seems like this is the little film that could.”
And, by the way, Marro is already working on his next screenplay. There’s much more to come from this emerging filmmaker from Long Beach.

Broadway’s Finest
Opening Friday, Oct. 5
Malverne Cinema 4, 350 Hempstead Ave., Malverne. (516) 599-6966.

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