Bricks fall off Long Beach building

Firefighters, police rush to apartment at East Broadway


Long Beach police and firefighters rushed to an apartment building at 215 East Broadway after loose bricks fell from the fifth floor to the sidewalk at 12:20 a.m. Saturday.

“There was imminent danger of the bricks falling down and hurting someone, so [the Building Department] called for the Fire Department,” Fire Chief Joseph Miller said. “We went down with the engine and ladder, and removed the loose bricks that had the potential for falling down.”

The bricks were removed and no injuries were reported. The building was not evacuated, and Building Commissioner Scott Kemins said the bricks likely became loose due to the age of the building — built in the 1920s — and from exposure to wind and storms.

“[The building] was made safe,” Kemins said. “Now the building owner will have to make the necessary repairs.”