A bump and a cut: East Rockaway schools to see less state aid; Lynbrook to get slight increase

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Tannenbaum said there have been no indications from the board of its plans for the 2013-14 budget, but discussions will begin at the next Budget Advisory Committee meeting, on Feb. 7 at the Centre Avenue School, which is open to the public.

In Lynbrook, Burak said, the preliminary budget proposal has been assembled and the district’s maximum allowable tax levy has been calculated. “This increase in aid actually allowed us to meet the allowable tax levy cap,” she said, “which is good news for two years in a row. But it is becoming increasingly difficult.”

Under Cuomo’s proposed budget, education aid was increased by 4.4 percent statewide, yet Lynbrook’s aid rose by only 2.5 percent and East Rockaway’s dropped by 4.4 percent. “Any additional aid is helpful when we try to finalize our budget,” Burak said, “especially now under the tax cap legislation. This is now a main ingredient in helping us determine if we’re able to meet the allowable tax cap.”

Both Burak and Tannenbaum said they hope their districts can earn additional state aid by the time the budget is finalized, which must happen by April 1. “I am really hoping that these are not the final numbers, and they will restore some of this money,” Tannenbaum said.

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