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Sunday, May 29, 2016
Another summer rushes past

The most commonly repeated words you’ll hear in the next few days are “I can’t believe it’s August.” In my lifetime, summers have always gone by quickly, but as you get older, they go by even faster. This may not be the most memorable summer in history, but the world around us continues to be active and challenging.

The true believers around the country still insist that there is no such thing as global warming, but tell that to the people all over America who have been hit with destructive wildfires, massive flooding and freak thunderstorms that rival anything ever experienced. Those polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, but the naysayers still babble about the earth’s natural climatic cycles.

In Washington, the good news is that Congress is going home for a summer vacation. Nothing special is going on there anyway, so we’re better off if the place shuts down for a few weeks. The lunatic fringe in the House of Representatives has found the solution to the country’s problems, after all. They want to stop the use of food stamps and shut down the Public Broadcasting System, and are all for destroying the postal system.

Overseas, the story isn’t much better. Syria continues to be a battleground with no clear winner, and the turmoil in Egypt threatens everyone in the Middle East. All of our presidents in recent years have promoted the idea that we can turn nations with ancient feuds into democracies. So Egypt had a democratic election and the wrong people won. The military leaders always ran Egypt, anyway, so they’ll continue to do so, and the dream of free and fair elections is over.

In case you haven’t put it on your calendar, Aug. 14 is the 10th anniversary of the infamous blackout that plunged our region into darkness. I would guess that all of us can remember where we were on that fateful day, which cost our economy billions of dollars. How did the blackout start? It seems that falling tree branches in Ohio caused a local incident to cascade into a national horror story.


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