This Sunday: Celebrate Irish Culture

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This year’s feis honors National AOH President Brendan Moore, a proud member of AOH Division #3 in Rockland County. Moore, a retired high school English teacher, served as National Board Freedom For All Ireland Chairman for 14 years. He also served in that capacity for 18 years on the New York State Board and for 12 years on the Suffolk County Board. During that period, he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the support of the dependents of Irish Republican prisoners incarcerated in British jails, while also seeking to educate Americans regarding the broad range of injustices resulting from British occupation of the Six Counties. With the signing of the Good Friday Agreement and the release of most of the prisoners, Moore’s fundraising efforts were directed toward counseling and vocational training programs to assist ex-prisoners, as well as justice initiatives in the north of Ireland. In 2002 and again in 2004, AOH convention delegates elected him to the post of National Director. In 2006 he was elected AOH National Treasurer, National Vice President in 2008, and was elected AOH National President in 2012.
Among his many initiatives, he started the AOH’s “Storm Relief Program” whereby, in partnering with the LAOH, Hibernian-to-Hibernian financial assistance was provided in many areas devastated by Superstorm Sandy. Commenting on the success of this effort, Moore stated: “This has been Hibernianism at its best. Together, we have been a source of hope for those who felt there was no hope!”

An Ancient Order
The Ancient Order of Hibernians, founded in New York in 1836, now has more than 80,000 members in 46 States, Canada and Ireland. It was founded to protect the Roman Catholic clergy and the Church itself from attack. With roots deep in Irish history, it has grown to become the largest and most influential Irish Catholic men’s organization in the world. For more information on the Nassau County Hibernians, visit or the New York State Hibernian website at
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