He's on the 'Bright Side of the Road'

A heartfelt essay from the mother of 9/11 victim Glen Wall


Glen James Wall, was a partner and vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald, and working on the 105th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center when the planes hit. This heartfelt essay was written recently by his mother, Jean Wall.

Glen was my baby, born and raised in Lynbrook, and was the youngest of six. He was very special, and always so full of life, funny, loving, loyalty, and we are all so proud of him. He was a pleasure to be around. His charm and big smile simply embraced you.

  Glen was a fantastic brother, uncle, cousin, in-law and nephew, and everyone considered him to be their best friend. He truly enjoyed every day to the fullest, but most of all, Glen’s true wealth was his  family. He was a devoted husband to his wife and soulmate, Diane, and an amazing and outstanding father to his two beautiful daughters Payton, 4, and Avery, 3. 

His girls were the loves of his life, and he wanted to give them the world. He would rush home every day to be with them, to feed them, play with them, bathe them and read them stories at bedtime, as well as giving back rubs, which they all enjoyed.

  September 11th shattered all his dreams and our lives forever, and life as we knew it would never be the same, making each day a challenge and extremely difficult. There were no answers to ease the pain of this horrible nightmare. How do you explain to Glen’s loving daughters that their Daddy is not coming home to share each day with them? Especially heartbreaking is knowing that Glen is missing so much and was taken from us too soon. 

I remind Payton and Avery their Daddy is always with us and he is always smiling down on them, and they should know he is beaming with pride for his girls. 

I have tremendous praise and admiration for Diane for the phenomenal way she has raised Payton and Avery, always keeping Glen so very much alive and part of their everyday lives. His pictures and memories are everywhere in their home and they are surrounded by love. Glen said Diane was strong and could do anything, and she has certainly proven it.

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