Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

Sept. 4-10, 2014


Proud of East Rockaway schools

To the Editor: 
        Based on my nearly 40 years of involvement as a teacher, director, and adviser at East Rockaway High School, I have to respond to the letter from Steven S. Corbin. Ph.D., “East Rockaway schools are an embarrassment,” In last week’s Herald.
         I speak from my experience when I say that it’s difficult for your son or daughter to get “lost” in a school system that has approximately 500 students in its junior and senior high school.
When I moved back to this area after retirement, I substituted at various schools in the surrounding area, some with well over 2,000 students. Yes, they can offer certain advanced subjects that East Rockaway can’t — but I also speak from experience when I say, boldly and proudly, that East Rockaway Jr./Sr. High School can, and does, equal or even surpass those schools in the arts, such as musical productions and concerts, and publications such as its annual yearbook.
         When I go to class reunions, and I will be going to two in October, I am very impressed with the alumni I meet, many of whom were students of mine. They, too, are teachers or professionals in many areas, and East Rockaway is very proud of them.
I know I am one of many who cannot accept the statement that “East Rockaway schools are an embarrassment.” 

Martin Severino, East Rockaway

Master of Arts, The City University of New York


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