Locals react to Pope stepping down

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“The affects of his time as pope will endure long after all of us have passed, such as his efforts to help Anglicans reunite with the Catholic Church, his gestures of unity towards the Orthodox Churches and other peoples throughout the world, his work on the celebration of the Holy Mass (both in the New Translation and in the Latin Extraordinary Form), his crystal clear writings and teachings, and his efforts to address the scandalous crises that have so hurt the Church in recent years,” said Father Eric Fasano of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Inwood. “Though we are deeply saddened to see him leave the Chair of Saint Peter, our prayers and loving gratitude should be with our Holy Father as he continues to serve God courageously.”

Fasano said that stepping down as he did — admitting he was not well enough to serve his position — took courage and honesty on the pope’s part. “Such honesty and self-awareness is rare, especially among those with earthly power,” he said.

“I admire and respect him for whatever his reason for stepping down as Pope is,” said Valley Stream resident Ann Massa-Garofalo. “He felt he could no longer carry out his responsibilities for the benefit of the Catholic Church and Catholics all over the world and we would be much better with someone healthier and stronger to oversee the church. It took a lot of strength for him to do this.”

More local reactions

At first, I was sad and disappointed at the same time. Then I put it in perspective — he’s a human being and has limitations. It is God in whom we put our complete hope and trust. He will never fail or disappoint us. God does not have limitations.
Sharon Hurkens
Pastor, Church of the Nazarene,
East Rockaway

I thought from the start he did not want any part of being the pope, with the tremendous weight of priests sexually abusing children around the world for decades, and the tremendous lawsuits and loss of catholic churchgoers — it was just too much. He’s burnt out, God bless him. I hope he finds peace and serenity for the rest of his life. Maybe he can go fishing like St. Peter and enjoy what time he has left.
Ray Kerr
East Rockaway

It’s a good that he realizes he is a human and has human limitations, and that someone else should be in charge.
Toni Wilson
East Rockaway

I think its a good thing he realizes his limits, and his first piority is the Church, not himself!
Roger Naused


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