Lynbrook business owner joins LIPA Board

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Throughout it all I want to see LIPA invest in the system and upgrade and harden their infrastructure so they can withstand future storms because, with global warming, it may be the new normal. I don’t think anyone knows.

How do you feel your past work experiences will help you in your new position?
I bring my business experience, my civic activist experience and my planning experience to this new volunteer job. I don’t mind giving back to the community in which I live.

What are your goals for your term?
To make the right decision regarding privatization or some other hybrid model, and improving LIPA’s communication, investing in the infrastructure — to harden it to resist storms — to continue the commitment to tree-trimming; we have a lot of trees on Long Island and in a storm they flop around.

What are the challenges you will face?

The biggest challenge is to carve a path to the future that keeps rates at the same or lower level, while improving the service and system reliability.
The governor has commissioned some proposals and we’re waiting for his representatives to meet with us shortly.

Greenfield, owner of NGL Group, an insurance company based in Lynbrook, is currently in the second month of a three-year term, and added that he is grateful to Sen. Skelos have the opportunity to serve on the LIPA Board.

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