Lynbrook VFW nearing completion

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When Hurricane Sandy hit in October, contractors were still working on the post. After the storm those contractors were needed elsewhere and work was mostly stopped at the VFW for about two months, Cardone said.

“The plumber had work left here to do,” Cardone said, “but he was getting people heat, he was getting people running water, and keeping with the tradition of being a veteran you give to others.

“They were doing more important things,” he added.

Now, most of the big projects are done with; it’s just a matter of putting the finishing touches on the building. “It’s important for us to finish real fast because it’s more than just opening for business to us,” Cardone said. “This is not about making money here, it’s about making history and these guys deserve a place to go to.”

Barring no additional setbacks, VFW members are planning on opening their doors to the community at the end of April for a celebration.

Tickets are now on sale for the VFW’s annual raffle, which will be drawn on Memorial Day. Entries cost $100 and can be purchased by calling the VFW at (516) 599-8846. Starting April 5, the post will have a member present from noon until the early evening accepting raffle entries and taking hall reservations.

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