Lynbrook alumn pens adventure novel


There are many people who think they have a great idea for a film or novel but never actually put the pen to paper, or more likely, their fingertips to keyboard. Writing a book takes a lot of dedication and patience, plus it doesn’t hurt to have the ability to write.

Ron Lacey, a Lynbrook High School graduate in 1967, never thought he would write a book. In fact, he said, he would get a 65 in his English class on a good day. But nearly 40 years after left high school, his first book “Pink Rock” was released.

The book is currently only available in Bermuda, where the story takes place, and online, but Lacey is pushing for the book to be released in the U.S. in the near future. “Pink Rock” is an adventure story that centers around a protagonist named Bronson De Salvo’s attempts to thwart a group of terrorists who invade Bermuda with a nuclear weapon and aim it at the U.S.

Lacey was a standout punter and kicker on the Lynbrook football team and got a scholarship to attend C.W. Post College. It was there that he met John Del Savio, who quickly became his best friend. Del Savio, led an interesting life, Lacey said, and wrote for various magazines upon graduation, including Guns & Ammo and Safari Magazine. Del Savio, who Lacey nicknamed “Bronson,” started writing movie scripts and looked into building a movie studio of his own in Calverton.

This got Lacey interested in doing some writing himself. He wrote a one-and-a-half page script that ultimately turned into “Pink Rock.” Del Savio died in 2001, and Lacey took his death very hard.

Shorty afterward, Lacey was out for a run in Massapequa when he looked up at the sky, shook his fist and said, “Bronson, show me something.” After running another two miles, Lacey saw a rainbow in the sky with nothing around it. One side of the rainbow was pointing at Massapequa while the other was pointing out to the ocean toward Bermuda. Lacey took it as a sign to write his book.

The book took four-and-a-half years to complete and was written at his home in Massapequa and while he was vacationing in Bermuda. Lacey has traveled to Bermuda at least once a year since 1974, which is why he thought the setting would be good for his book.

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