Lynbrook goes back to school


After a two-week hiatus due to Hurricane Sandy, the Lynbrook School District was back in session on Tuesday. The Board of Education held a special meeting on Nov. 8 to announce the plan to community members.

One of the main concerns for district personnel and Lynbrook residents was Waverly Park Elementary School and its lack of power. However, on Nov. 10, power was restored.

To make up lost instructional days, the district is considering holding classes during the winter break in February or the spring break in March. The Board of Education is waiting to make a final determination after receiving a ruling from the State Education Department about whether the district will still be required to hold 180 days of classes, or if the state will rescind the rule due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding Hurricane Sandy. The board has already determined that April 29, which was scheduled to be a superintendent’s conference day, will now be a regular instructional day. The district is also looking at ways to utilize existing days to provide additional instructional time so that work can be made up. In addition, the parent-teacher conference day for North and South Middle schools will be rescheduled.

Families that have been displaced from the their homes due to the storm, may now send their child to the district they are now living in, or the district will reimburse them for transportation to and from their home school. Similar rules apply to any displaced families from other districts who may currently be living with Lynbrook families. They should check with their home districts for details. Residents can contact the administration office at (516) 622-1396 with specific questions.

“We are so sorry for everyone who has been displaced and lost homes, cars and personal property,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Melissa Burak. “The recent events we have experienced are unprecedented. With a widespread loss of power, communications proved to be quite difficult. We must thank everyone who had a lifeline to the school district’s message and then spread those messages through any avenue possible.”

In addition to web postings and Connect-Ed messages, the district also placed posting signs on building doors for those who might just walk or drive by to check on the district’s status. In the event that the district website is not operational for any reason in the future, an alternate emergency website has been set up at

Families seeking aid from FEMA, a copy of the FEMA Disaster Assistance Handbook has been posted at