Lynbrook homes still standing, plans at standstill

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Patti Nicoletti, a Merton Avenue homeowner, said she is not in favor of any houses being torn down on her block. She described the meeting as “lip service” so D’Agostino could say he tried to reach a compromise with residents if another public hearing were to take place in the future.

“I was very disappointed, because I thought there was going to be a conversation to bring upon some compromise,” she said, “and it was clear that that was not their intention.”

According to Tubin, who has also staunchly opposed the proposed lot, the meeting lasted 15 to 20 minutes before D’Agostino ended it, although he did continue the discussion with a smaller group after others had left. “What I’m concerned about,” Tubin said, “is how my property values and overall enjoyment of my home is suffering.”

In recent months, utility trucks were parked on the 417 Ocean Ave. property, much to the dismay of some residents. D’Agostino said that the trucks were moved in March, and they have not been back on the property.

D’Agostino said that there has been no discussion of filing for permits from the village’s Building Department to demolish the homes, and added that he has recommended to Morash that he rent out the homes for the time being.

“Right now, I’m now sure what, if anything, is going to happen other than rental,” D’Agostino said. “But that’s me, that’s not my client. We’re not going to knock down the houses because they’re an asset.”

The homes are surrounded by a

chain-link fence, which residents have

said they do not enjoy looking at, but D’Agostino said the fence is there for security and safety purposes.

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