Navy Corpsman, Marine reunite in Lynbrook

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Upon their arrival at the Holiday Inn, Dandrea asked Lynbrook firefighters if the town of Floral Park was nearby. He then told the firefighters about Ambrose. According to Dandrea, Ambrose had planned to go to medical school to become a doctor. (Ambrose, who has since left the military and was originally from Idaho, is now living in Floral Park and completing his Bachelors Degree in Emergency Care at Stony Brook University.)

A reunion
So it happened that on Sunday, Sept. 30, during the block party and concert on Earle Avenue in Lynbrook, Ambrose greeted Dandrea — but this is not the first time they have seen each other. Both were in each other weddings and the Marine named his youngest son, Micah, after Ambrose.

At the block party, Ambrose was seen throughout the afternoon spending time with Dandrea and walking around, holding his namesake, Micah. They promised and made plans to see each other in Bethesda in the near future while the Marine continues his treatment.

Dandrea and his family left that Monday morning to return to his continued treatment and rehabilitation at Bethesda while the former Navy Corpsman returned to his studies at Stony Brook. The relationship of these two men will be forever because they have built a bond that cannot be broken.

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