Support the Long Beach school budget

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While we like Lynn Gergen’s ideas for bringing more revenue into the district, and Warren Vegh’s concern for students’ well-being, we believe that Ryan’s history as an involved board member, and Vrona’s commitment to the district and understanding of the issues, make them the best choices.

Ryan, a trustee for six years, attends many district events and makes himself accessible to residents. As a former educator and administrator, he knows what children need in the classroom, and advocates for students and teachers facing controversial new testing standards and the Common Core curriculum. He can put emotions aside and be pragmatic when evaluating programs that can be trimmed or eliminated. He opposes any reconfiguring of district buildings, however, a cost-saving option we think he should be more open to.

Vrona is realistic when it comes to the tough choices the district faces in the coming years. While she is an advocate for maintaining programs, she appears willing to make difficult decisions when cuts are inevitable. And as the only candidate (or trustee, for that matter) with a child currently attending a district school, she has a feel for what’s going on in the buildings. She attends almost every board meeting and regularly questions the board, and we believe she will continue to be vocal if elected.

We encourage voters to choose Ryan and Vrona on Tuesday.

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