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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Three homes still standing in Lynbrook — for now
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Brian Croce/Herald
A permit to demolish three homes in Lynbrook was put on hold by the village board until further studies can be conducted.

“Under SEQRA law, that’s called segmentation, and it’s not permitted,” Ledwith said, referring to the State Environmental Quality Review Act. “If you’re going to demolish, you must also inform the municipality what you intend to do with the property because that all goes into the environmental considerations the board must take.”

Resident Paul Tubin, who lives across the street from the property, has for months voiced his disapproval of tearing down the homes and replacing them with a parking lot. “We were clear from the outset that we had several reasons for opposing the project,” Tubin said of his neighbors. “The two most important being the encroachment of commercial zoning into a residential area, which we strongly believe would have had a deleterious impact on our quality of life — changing the view from our homes of … two lovely and well-kept homes on Merton Avenue and replacing that with a view of a parking lot with an accompanying unhampered view of a multi-story hotel” — the Rockville Inn, which is also owned by Morash.

According to Ledwith, the environmental impact study would take approximately two months to complete, and the board could decide to hold a public hearing on the issue.

“We’re only looking to do good for the community,” Morash said. “We’re not looking to be bad neighbors.”


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If the Morash family is truly looking to do good and be "good neighbors" than STOP NOW!! With "good neighbors" like this who needs bad neighbors!

Reducing our property values, taking away what was once known as a beautiful residential family oriented quiet block is is not what anyone would call a "good neighbor". Prove to your "good neighbors" that you want to do what is right and STOP NOW! Sell the homes you bought to families who want to be a part of this great block! If you loose some money well lesson learned for you, to do your homework next time before you invest so much money!

Actions speak louder than words, step it up show all of Lynbrook you have integrity and truly want to be "GOOD NEIGHBORS"

Saturday, October 6, 2012 | Report this

Wow... somehow I missed the closing line in this article the first time I read it a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Morash's statements that quote "We're only looking to do good for the community." and "We're not looking to be bad neighbors" is absolutely unbelievable. There was an expression when my kids were growing up a number of years ago that camesto mind when I saw this earlier this evening - it was something along the lines of... "Gag Me With A Spoon!!" Oh come on Sir, how can you think that anyone could believe you - in-as-much as in the short time you've owned these properties you've already let the neighborhood deteriorate because of your desire to push your parking lot vision, come hell or high water! Wasn't it bad enough that the property at #417 Ocean that you purchased a few years ago has been allowed to seriously deteriorate, not caring how it looked to passerby traffic, etc. Then, to make matters worse, since you've purchased the property at #3 Merton, you've left a gaping hole in the side of the house for pests to come and go as they please and have left windows on the top floor wide open year round - to advance the deterioration of the property. This is especially interesting, for one might think since there was a possibility of not getting your permits / plans approved by the village that a good businessperson might keep an option open to be able to sell the house & property if your plans were rejected as they were - so your investment would not have been a total loss.

But no - instead you've chosen to let the properties rot in the hopes that neighbors would acquiesce to your unreasonable desires to push through a parking facility that would service a hotel that isn't even part of Lynbrook, but rather Rockville Centre.... mmm trying to be "good neighbors," please - your behavior is totally disingenuous.

One can only wonder what the real motives of this hotel owner are? Could it possibly be that you have other plans for the properties involved - other than what you had projected to your neighbors and village officials. Might it have something to do with the fact that you haven't completed the basic outdoor construction project at the entrance to your other property, The RVC Inn? hmmm... wonder what's in store for us next?

I couldn't agree more with the writer of the above comment. Actions certainly do speak louder than words. Please prove my suspicions wrong - don't force the issue by demolishing #3 & #9 Merton Avenues. Fix the properties up and sell them to deserving individuals who by purchasing them will be contributing to the communities' tax base which you seem to be trying to impact negatively!

How would you feel if I bought properties opposite and/or adjacent to your home and did what you're proposing to do? somehow I think your attorneys would be all over this, trying to prevent the deterioration of your neighborhood.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | Report this
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