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All about respect in East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School


Motivational speaker Sergio Argueta visited East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School students for the school’s Respect Day on Sept. 29.

Argueta, founder of Struggling to Reunite Our New Generation Youth Inc., told the students they were “some of the most intelligent, resilient kids ever,” and that he understood the unique challenges they face on a daily basis. He also encouraged students to do the best they can, to put their efforts on display, to never give up and to think about what others may be going through. Argueta also encouraged them to remember that some individuals feel alone and like they do not belong anywhere.

After the assembly, freshmen in April Francis’ global history classes were asked to write reflections. “The speaker showed how, if we show others respect and peace, then we will get the same back,” David Rodriguez wrote. Gianna Rizzo wrote, “We learned that we should use our voice, and be the best person we can be, no matter what.”