Elect Tom McKevitt in the 13th Legislative District


After representing the 17th Assembly District for six terms, it’s not surprising that Tom McKevitt is running to represent the 13th Legislative District — which encompasses his hometown of East Meadow — a seat left vacant by longtime incumbent Norma Gonsalves.

The Herald endorses McKevitt to represent the 13th L.D. We believe that his experience in the State Assembly for the past 12 years has given him the knowledge needed to represent his new constituents. We like McKevitt’s stance on combating the opioid epidemic by not only supporting a 72-hour hold on victims who have overdosed, but also supporting legislation that requires victims to stay at a treatment facility to help them overcome their addiction.

McKevitt is a knowledgeable elected leader who understands his constituents’ concerns, including corruption and lack of transparency in the County Legislature. We especially like that as an assemblyman, McKevitt has coordinated and sponsored several programs, including blood donations and veterans’ and senior health programs, and signed legislation for stricter penalties for DWI offenders, as well as Leandra’s Law, which provides for additional charges for adults who are caught driving while intoxicated with minors in their vehicles.

His opponent, Eileen Napolitano, has gained a tremendous amount of experience since she last challenged Gonsalves in 2015 for the same seat. She has become known in 13 L.D. communities, and has advocated for educating the public — specifically students — about the opioid epidemic. We think Napolitano has a strong understanding of the issues that worry constituents the most, including taxes, corruption and affordable housing. Because she’s also a longtime East Meadow resident, we encourage her to continue to run for local office, as she is a strong candidate.

But we believe that McKevitt’s positive and efficient track record speaks for itself. Vote for him on Tuesday.