Walgreens a 'no' for Lynbrook

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Since the date for the hearing was moved up at the request of the board, Guardino asked if it could reserve a decision until a formal traffic study was completed, but he was denied. Mayor Bill Hendrick said he and the board know the community and took several rides through the area recently so the decision didn’t have to wait.

After roughly two and a half hours of public comment, the board asked for a five-minute recess to discuss its impending decision in private. About two minutes later the board was ready to cast a vote. When all five members voted to reject the proposal a cheer erupted from the audience.

“It was too much traffic near a school,” Hendrick said, adding that the board always listens to the residents’ concerns. “The Walgreens was just in the wrong place.”

Callegari said he was disappointed in the board’s decision, but wasn’t surprised after hearing the community speak on the issue. “I thought it was a good project,” he said. “I thought it would do well in Lynbrook and I thought it was going to be good for the community overall.”

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