Letter to the Editor

Don’t politicians work for us?


To the Editor:

The Taylor Law was extended even though it was ready to expire. It gave the Nassau County Police Department the ability to get huge wage and benefit increases when the county executive said he has no money. The county leaders say they don’t like it, but it enables them to blame the law for huge increases and keep the union happy while votes and Political Action Committee money roll in.

This is a “special interest.” The public funds the unions without recourse. Did any elected official say anything about the recent vote and its effect on the taxpayer? The Legislature hears no evil.

There are said to be enough votes in the Legislature to overcome any Cuomo veto. Skelos voted for it. I asked why in a separate call and requested it in writing and was shut off. I asked for Assmeblywoman Michaelle Solages’s number and they didn’t know it, nor did the Valley Stream village office or the Herald. The new phone book still lists Suozzi as county executive.

The County Legislature said nothing to anyone, a usual reaction. Who protects the public from special interests? Who does Skelos represent?

Richard Creeron

Valley Stream