Let's keep Nassau County a great place to live and work


Last week I wrote about the immediate need to repair and modernize the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, which was crippled by Hurricane Sandy. Along with the editorial board of this paper, I pleaded with local officials to put political posturing aside and make the right decision to pass the $700 million bond needed to make the necessary improvements.

Days later, the Legislature voted 11-7 vote in favor of the bond, but, unfortunately, it fell two votes short of the 13 votes needed for approval. The seven lawmakers who voted against it were all Democrats who have made it their mission to prevent County Executive Ed Mangano from proactively and effectively governing Nassau County.

This is a political game that stinks worse than the raw and untreated sewage that continues to seep into Reynolds Channel, ruining Long Island’s precious waterways. This is a threat to our livelihoods and a travesty in our beautiful community.

We have the opportunity to receive federal funding to cover 90 percent of the cost of the bond, which would allow the county to make the necessary repairs and upgrades to the plant so this never happens again. We must hold these legislators accountable. Don’t they realize that if we don’t do the work now, it will end up costing us more money in the end — money that we may not be reimbursed for?

Now is the time to act!

Friends, I encourage you to call, write and e-mail the Democratic legislators who voted against the bonding. They are: Kevan Abrahams, Robert Troiano, Carrie Solages, Joe Scannell, Judy Jacobs, Wayne Wink and Delia DeRiggi-Whitton. Their contact information can be found at www.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/Legis/Legislators.html.

This continues a stalemate, as Mangano is caught in a battle between Republican and Democratic lawmakers. Hurricane season is upon us, and we can’t afford another disaster.

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