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Sunday, May 29, 2016
Letters to the Editor
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We are writing on behalf of the candidacy of Marc Wieman for the position of RVC village board member.

Marc brings a wealth of public and private experience, an awareness of present market and economic situations, an eagerness for new and strategic solutions and a clear reputation for inclusiveness of opinions and voices.

Marc will shake the board out of its denial — the denial that ever-increasing budgets, ever-increasing taxes, the contraction of services and long-shuttered store fronts are not negatively affecting the viability of the village. Change is needed, and Marc will be a welcome change.

Jay and Regina Loftus

Rockville Centre

Make All Island accountable

To the Editor: 

Here’s my problem with All Island Taxi: the cars are filthy, and most of the time I hold my breath when I get in them. Sometimes I feel I should take a dose of antibiotics before entering one of those vehicles. Most of the drivers are reasonably unprofessional, unkempt and some actually smell. The vehicles are in horrible shape mechanically and when you go over a bump the car feels like it’s going to fall apart. The “check engine” light is on in many of them, so that means they are not being serviced properly. The drivers have the radios on and most of the time I have to ask them to shut it off.

When I enter All Island’s facility, if you want to call it that, and tell them where I’m going, they have about as much enthusiasm as a corpse and most of the time I feel as if I’m doing them a favor. The other day I took a cab home from the train station. When I got in the house I had to take something for nausea. When they say they will be there to pick me up, almost all the time it’s completely inaccurate and I’m standing out in front of my house waiting.

I am totally in favor of ending this monopoly in RVC and, quite frankly, it seems very odd to me that the village administration is attempting to block free enterprise. I also think that no one deserves to ride in a filthy, smelly, broken down vehicle which, in my opinion, is unsafe. They need to get new cars and actually stay on top of them. They also need to replace them every three to five years.


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