Post-Sandy opportunities abound, struggles continue

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Grass-roots organizing is playing a role, as there have been over a dozen rallies advocating policy change and awareness of community needs across Long Island by Friends of Long Island members. These rallies provided media coverage for continuing needs in the community, were well received and were attended by local elected officials.

Despite the hope that public infrastructure dollars bring, there are huge obstacles ahead for rebuilding the South Shore. There are things folks can do: 1) support local groups like Friends of Freeport, that are mobilizing support on the ground; 2) keep the spotlight and pressure on government officials to keep federal resources moving; 3) attend public meetings, rallies and organize with local groups, share resources, and don’t stop participating.

As Long Islanders, many of whom are charitable people when it comes to causes that don’t involve Long Island, we can’t forget to support relief and rebuilding for what has happened in our own communities.

Eric Alexander is the executive director of Vision Long Island.

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