Project Dream Olympic Challenge


Students of Malverne’s Howard T. Herber Middle School participated in the Project DREAM Olympic Challenge on Jan. 31. Project DREAM, which stands for Dreaming Real Expectations at Malverne, is a yearlong program that guides students on the path to fulfilling the school’s four main objectives: learn well, stay safe, participate and graduate. Building on the excitement of the 2014 Winter Olympics, this year’s Project DREAM program had an Olympic theme.

At the start of the school year, all students in the school were divided into “dream teams,” each with a dream coach to help them pursue academic excellence as a team and achieve their dreams for the future. Students have been meeting with their coaches and teammates throughout the year to stay on track for achieving their personal goals. They have also worked with their coaches to develop skills in team building, cooperative learning, communication and independence.

On the day of the Olympic Challenge, students put their skills to the test to complete team challenges in English language arts, math, science, social studies, foreign language, physical education and music. Teams kept track of their achievements using a chart. In keeping with the Olympic theme, the teams that successfully completed the most challenges received gold, silver and bronze medals.